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I would like to express my appreciation for all the efforts of everyone involved in UK stock car racing which has provided me with a great deal of enjoyment over many years. Perhaps particular thanks should be made to all drivers and their mechanics for the hours spent preparing their cars.

In relation to this site I am grateful for those who have made a variety of contributions including - and my sincere apologies to anyone I have missed - Mike Ashcroft, Simon Askham, Richard Austin, Autospeed, Peter Barber, Karsten Bielschmidt, Marcel Bol, Mark Bond, Steve Botham, Jason Brown, Matt Bull, Colin Casserley, Tim and Alex Catley, Terry Collins, Jason Cooper, Peter and Tim Coopmans, Robert Daines,  Jeroen van Dinther, Yasmin Dolbel, Bryan Drummond, Keith Duke, Nik Eastwood, Sue Ford, Connor Fox, Steve Fraser, GM Photos, Paul 'Freddy' Glover, Dave Goddard, Tom Goodes, Richard Griffiths, Dave Hartley, Mark Haddleton, Stu Harris, Steve Harrison, Adam Haynes, Sonja and Paul Hickey, Incarace, Gary & Kathy Jack, Morice Katier, Scott J Keith, David Kipling, Walter Laing, Aaron Lee, Peggyann Lilley, Phil Martin, Dean Mayer, Kevin McQueen, Linsay Moore, Roger Morrison, Kevin Nicholls, Alan Parkinson, Pike, Mike Pollard, Chris Pye,  Alan Reynolds, Crispen Rosevear, Damian Savage, Jeremy Savell, Colin Smith, Dave Smith (Smiffyman), Spedeworth, Big Austin Tomlinson, Roger Venison, Luke Wales, Kevn Wickham, Rob Wilkinson, Paul Walker, David Whiting, Dave Wyatt and Steve York several of whom have permitted me to raid their personal collections of stox photos.

If you think your photographic skills match or surpass those of my illustrious colleagues then get in touch and share the spoils with other fans!  I would also like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to visit my site. Please let me have your comments and do call again!



Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100

This site is owned by Tom Purnell, a good friend of mine. It has nothing to do with Stock Car Racing but is well worth a visit. The site is a tribute to Tom's Grandfather who was killed during the sinking of the Merchant Ship Canonesa during the Battle Of the Atlantic.
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Welcome to Rolling Start - Stock Car Racing on the web

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