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Sponsorship Opportunities on rolling START!

The sole purpose of the sponsorship banners on both the website and email newsletter - if successful - is to raise funds to cover the cash costs of running the website. In particular this is to enable the site to be run on commercial webspace without the annoying pop-ups! It also covers the costs of the newsletter mail-outs.  In the event of any surplus then this will be used to sponsor aspects of the short oval racing in the UK in the name of "rolling START! stock car racing on the web".

Exclusive Sponsorship Banners on rS! Website - Rates applicable from 18 November 2001 until further notice.

This is based on a non-animated banner located at the top of the page (as illustrated above) hyperlinked to your url with average impressions per week (on the basis of pageviews as counted by Addfreestats Jan to May 2004).  Only one sponsorship banner will be placed in this location on any one page at a time, giving your prescence exclusivity.

For an animated banner the rates are increased by 33%.

Basic (ie non-animated) rates are as follows:

Homepage (index.html), average weekly pageviews c5000, cost per week 20, sold on a weekly basis. 

Diary (diary.html), average weekly pageviews c1250, cost per week 5, sold on a weekly basis.
For Sale/Wanted (4sale.html), average weekly impressions c1100, cost per week 5, sold on a weekly basis.
F1 Stock Car index (F1menupage.html), sold on a monthly basis @ 15 pcm.
Bangers index (bangers.html), sold on a monthly basis @ 12 pcm.
F2 Stock Cars and related index (f2menu.html), sold on a monthly basis @ 9 pcm.
Links 1 to 5 (links1.html, links2.html, links3.html, links4.html, links5.html), sold on a monthly basis @ 23 pcm, with banner displayed on all five pages.
Saloon Stock Cars index (saloons.html), Rods index (rods.html) and Other Formulae index (others.html) pages are available on a monthly basis @ 5 pcm each.

Evidence to back up pageview information provided on request.

In addition sponsorship of individual meeting galleries available @ 15 per meeting for most meetings and 25 for major championship or special events. Banner displayed on all pages (ie gallery index page(s) and individual image pages for a three month period).

Sponsorship of other pages such as the DOOMED Racing Hearses or racing Rolls Royces Pages available on request.

rS! Newsletter

The rS! Newsletter is sent to c1100 different subscribers (@ May 2004). Sponsorship of one Newsletter costs just 15.00 (text only) and 25 (html).   You can see a sample newsletter by clicking here. For the purposes of sponsorship a newsletter is defined as a mailout to the rolling START! mail-list containing as a bare minimum information about a new site update.   The newsletter can be sent in an html format to all those who have browsers capable of receiving this format.  A plain text newsletter containing similar information would be sent to those subscribers who cannot receive the html format.

The impressions are 100% targeted to people who have subscribed voluntarily to the Newsletter, and are not randomly generated. In addition to the banner you can also add 'Our Sponsors' editorial. This represents very good value for money.

Price Comparison

As a comparison Doubleclick advertise rates of 25 for 1000 automotive impressions, 45 for 1000 pop-ups and 40 to 60 for 1000 mail impressions. As this text is written most of the rolling START! website is already sponsored through a combination of pop-up and banner advertising which for the most part is irrelevant and annoying to the people visiting the site.

How to Proceed

Make contact by email to book the page(s) and dates you wish to sponsor.

You will then need to supply an appropriate banner, preferably 468x60 pixels with a maximum file size of 15 Kb. If necessary a banner can be provided for you.

If you are sponsoring a newsletter you may also supply appropriate editorial - max 200 words, together with the url that you wish the banner to be linked and any appropriate image(s).

Please note that sponsorship of any part of the rolling START! website gives no influence over editorial content.















Welcome to Rolling Start - Stock Car Racing on the web