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Travel Buddies - Wanted & Offered
Help reduce your travel costs and make new friends by requesting lifts or offering spare places in your car or transporter.


1. Offers & requests MUST be placed using the form at the foot of this page.
2. Please read the terms and conditions at the foot of the page before filling in the form.

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Added 3 September 2005
WANTED - Lifts East Anglian Tracks
Looking for lifts from Norwich to any Track in East Anglia.Moved to Norwich year ago. Will help with petrol costs.
Contact: Call Andy Lawson on 07903 135766 or email on andylawson07@yahoo.co.uk


Requests MUST be placed using this form.   No Exceptions.

1. Please specify whether you are seeking or offering transport, or otherwise (perhaps you would like to alternate driving between meetings). [please select]:

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3. Please use this box to set out the text of your request.  Remember to include key bits of information but try to make the advert short and snappy!  Please check the details carefully as no responsibility will be accepted for any errors!

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Rolling Start Travel Buddies! - Conditions of Service

1. The object of the Rolling Start Travel Buddies service is very simple, it is a place where people can make contact.
2. All entries on the Travel Buddies page will include a full name and either a contact telephone number and/or email address.
3. Users will make contact direct with eachother. Rolling Start will not operate as a go-between or become involved in dispute resolution.
4. In no way is the inclusion of an item on the Travel Buddies page to be taken as an endorsement by Rolling Start.
5. Users must at all times must satisfy themselves of the quality, reliability and nature of any terms offered and agreed.
7. Items will be displayed either for one calendar month, or until the date when they become out-of-date, whichever comes first.
8. Only requests that are related to oval racing will be included.  Rolling Start retains editorial control over the site content and decisions on this matter will be final.  Adverts that are badly written and contain poor spelling will not be edited, they simply will not be published.
9. Reports of abuse of this service will result in any requests being removed as soon as is practicable and a ban on the inclusion of future requests.
10. All requests must be submitted using the form on this page. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

11. Please allow plenty of time to add items, your requests will not take priority over other site updates.  This page will probably be updated twice a week.
11. Only those users who are prepared to accept these conditions in their entirety should use this service.

Charging Policy

There is no charge for this service.

Voluntary donations may be made by Credit Card via Paypal - click the logo below to proceed:


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