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With kind permission of West Yorkshire TV

DH Videos proudly presents

Various meetings from Bradford, Hednesford, Brampton, Birmingham, Northampton and Mega Crashes. Covering from 1991 - 1995, over 80 tapes to be re-released on DVD only with different meetings per special edition.

First release is a Bradford 4 meeting twin-DVD box set special.

West Yorkshire TV filmed for only a small part of BriSCA F1's fifty-plus year history but what makes their videos special is their quality. There is the high resolution multi-camera mixes and production but the extras in the coverage like the pre-meeting pit walkabouts, close ups of the cars as they line up on the grid and - my favorite - when they accompany race-winners on their laps of honour!

This all adds up to a great viewing experience which - thanks to a deal with DHVideos - sees the cream of WYTV's videos re-released on DVD for the first time. The DVDs are produced from the original master tapes so you are sure of the best possible quality!

This first re-release covers four meetings across two DVDs from the awesome Odsal Stadium in Bradford (the meetings covered are 4 May, 25 May, 27 June and 25 July 1992). Seasoned racefans can relive the atmosphere from this fantastic venue and those who never witnessed the Bradford Bowl first-hand will see just what they missed and why Bradford was one of the most important venues in the history of the sport.

Dave Carter

Just 15 (2x DVD)

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The latest in DH Videos renowned Crash Tapes, Crash 13, is available now and as usual it has the best crashes & hard hitting Banger action from the Midlands & North-west from the past 12 months. Oh, and plenty of non-contact formula mishaps as well! Kicking off with the best action from Arena Essex and Civil War 6 and then moving on to Birmingham's annual 2 Litre Team Championship where 70 Simon Needle was on top crashing form, most of which is featured here. After the novelty events of Trucks at Hednesford & Caravans at Warton all the best action is shown from the 2004 National Teams from the Hills, and there is plenty of it. The opening hits from Warton's abandoned Metal Mania 2005 meeting are shown before we stay in the North with Barrow's Grand Slam and the epic hits that went in during the first heat which are almost worth the price of purchase alone! Two lively domestic meetings from Birmingham are interspersed by some Coach & Stox action from Hednesford before the 2004 Hesp Memorial from Warton featuring the heavy follow-in on 480 Carl Padgents Marina Camper van courtesy of 186 Mick Gedney & 266 Big Al before we get to see a bit of Robin racing, and rolling, from the same track.

Next featured is some hard-core Stock Car action from Northampton, and if your one of these people who think Brisca's don't crash, this will go some way to dis-spelling that theory! Back to Hednesford next for the 2004 Krash Kings event were Stinkbridge went on the rampage taking it to everyone on the day. One hit featured on this tape is the Stiff head-on between 54 Bandit & 383 Dodger in the final which left both of them a little stiff in the morning! It's a quartet of "big" meetings that wrap the tape up, from 2004 it's the Birmingham Champs of Champs including the Street Stox DD, the Hednesford Pre '68 and then Buxtons King of the Peak from July with Material Man 461 Singy putting on a superb showing in the DD against the Brighton Bears. And then it's the 2005 Heartbreaker/John Haynes memorial to round things off. Add in all kinds of domestic Banger, Hot Rod & Stock Car action and this is one of those tapes you won't tire of watching time & time again.

Just 10 (DVD)

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