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Our Mission
We are here to supply all your DVDs from various tracks around the UK, for the best price you will ever see.

Company Profile
We are the cheapest supplier of stock car DVDs from across the UK - we buy or our DVDs and other equipment in bulk.  This is how we manage to keep our costs down to such a low price.

Some of the biggest Banger teams have asked for us to come to certain tracks because of the quality of the service we provide.

We are a small company relying on family and friends helping out wherever they can.

Contact Information
Have a look at our lists of DVDs, when you decide which one(s) you want EITHER pay and order using PayPal or alternatively fill out the Order Form and send it together with a cheque or postal order to the address below. You can send us an e-mail or give us a ring to let us know which DVD you want so we can get it ready before you send us the payment

0044 (0)1204 395406 (9am to 9pm)
or 0044 (0)7976 979039 (Mobile - 24 hours)

Postal Address
5 Top O'Th' Gorses, Darcy Lever, Bolton, BL2 1PG, England

We film almost all INCARACE meetings at Birmingham Wheels, Hednesford Hills and Northampton International Raceways

In addition we visit Belle Vue, Buxton, Roosecote Raceway (Barrow), Kings Lynn, Sheffield and Warton.

You may preview our tape selection at our dedicated sales unit.  Of course a wide variety of our tapes are available for purchase and orders are taken for fast delivery of the days events by post.

The DH VIDEOS Sales Unit



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