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BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - 2L Saloon Stock Cars - Taunton - Saturday 13 September 2003

Pictures by Kevin Wickham from whom copies of pictures on this gallery may be purchased (1 for a 6"x4" print plus P&P, other sizes on request).   You may contact Kevin by phone on 01502717614 or by email by CLICKING HERE.
Reporting by Alan Parkinson

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Welcome to rolling START! stock car racing on the web

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Welcome to rolling START! stock car racing on the web

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Welcome to rolling START! stock car racing on the web

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BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - 2L Sallon Stock Cars - Taunton - Saturday 13 September 2003

Pictures by Kevin Wickham, reporting by Alan Parkinson

At last the biggest racing weekend of the year had arrived, with day one of the speedweekend at Smeatharpe Stadium featuring the last chance consolation semi final for those drivers who fell at the first hurdle, Saloon Stock cars over five qualifying heats for their National Championship, along with a full programme of support BriSCA F2 Stock cars.
This brought the total number of F2s that raced on the night up to 84, a record for Smeatharpe.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
The consolation semi featured 24 of the 30 drivers eligible to race, and the drivers drew for their grid positions within grades to set up a fascinating race.

After an understandably frantic start to the race Simon Walker 781 established himself at the head of the field although a number of yellow flags that accounted for around half of the original grid, whittled away his lead. Tim Farrell 667 appeared desperate to make his way through the field, although a car that didn’t seem quite right in the handling department did not help his chances. Neil Hooper 676 was another west country hopefully that was at one stage making good progress, only to fall foul of Gary Walker 821 as they came down the home straight, both cars ending up in a heap on the infield.

Simon Walker continued to lead, and he came under pressure from Farrell who launched a suicidal attack going into the pit bend, Walker holding on to continue, whilst Farrell retired against the west bend fence. Gordon Moodie 79 was looking good in third only to have the car go sick on him, and whilst all this was going on Mark Simpson 871 came from nowhere to lead the race. He was followed through into second by Graham Kelly 721, with Walker, having held on so valiantly; found himself relegated further into fourth by Chris Cuming 393.

Simpson held on to take an unexpected victory, in a race that only seven drivers completed the distance. Post race scrutineering saw Roger Mitchell 905 and Lewis Geach 111 both disqualified for wheel irregularities handing seventh place man Chris Stephens 628 a lifeline into the big race.

Heat one saw Mike Priddle 14 as the early leader but a yellow flag early on for a whole gaggle of cars out on the west bend brought the race to a halt. Smeatharpe veteran Pete Rice 890 had by this time taken up the running, but he was amazingly reeled in by Andrew Stewart 669, who then took over at the head of the field. Rice held on for second, whilst Brad Moss 815 took third.

A lively start to heat two saw a huge pile up on the pit bend, Bryn Thomas 900 losing a wheel in the process. Scott Horsham 320 led the race for a time before his close friend Chris Mikulla 522 muscled him aside to take up the running. Davy McCory NI 940 and Chad Harris 29 indulged in some entertaining racing only for their battle to end in tears on the west bend fence Kelvyn Whalley 101 joining them. Mikulla held on to take the victory from Mike Rice 438.

David Polley 38 was an early spinner in heat three, in a race that saw Rob Batten 467 and Bryn Tootall 600 cut a swath through the field to make it up to first and second respectively in an entertaining battle. Mark Mills brought his car home in third, whilst Clair Maynard 251, one of the many drivers making a track debut settled in quite nicely and was able to bring the car home in sixth place.

In the first of the consolations Matthew Deeble 530 was leading although he was to fall foul of a pit bend marker tyre bringing out the yellow flags. Colin Smith 719 took up the running before Thomas moved through into the lead. He couldn’t hold back a flying Hooper who took the lead and the victory.
Consolation two came to a halt early on after a big west bend pile up. Once underway again Geoff Coleman 239 took up the running with McCory sat in second. Farrell was on a charge and he move through to take the lead and the win. Justin Fisher 315 pipped McCory for third by the flag.

A frantic final saw Hooper involved in a pit bend pile up, involving Stewart and Coleman. Maynard, and Pete Rice had a go at the front before Dan Holloway took up the running. Nothing could hold back Farrell however, as he hit the front around half distance. Holloway took second, whilst Rice resisted a late challenge from Mitchell for third.

The Grand National rounded off a good nights racing with Maynard and then Holloway showing at the front. Ian Chalkley 469 and Rob Batten had a good battle for a time before Chalkley pulled away. Farrell was moving quickly from the handicap and he took second place by the flag with Chalkley just holding on, Holloway took third.

Saloon Stock Cars
An amazing night of action from the Saloons with five very entertaining heats with close to 30 cars in each race producing some breathtaking action.
Heat one saw Eddie Darby 677 make his way to the front after Nick Courtier 114 amongst others took some very heavy knocks. Paul Soper 654 and Shane Brown 720 were both sent spinning, as Shaun Webster 402 pipped Phil Morgan 001 for second.

Heat two featured a fantastic opening as Glen Chalkley 269 was pushed the length of the back straight sideways before finishing up in the pit gate wall. Steve Santry 368 was another to visit the pit gate, as did Steve Webster 401. Soper cut through the field to take the victory.

Heat three saw Paul Licquorice 51 another pit bend victim as Kenny Purdie 17 took up the running. This heat featured a fascinating between Darby, Harry Burgoyne 68, and Morgan that continued for a number of laps that had the crowd entertained. Purdie took the victory from Shaun Webster and Brown.

In heat four David Aldous 499 was sent hurtling into the pit gate by Stevie Honeyman 607 bringing out the yellow flags. Danny Hunt 382 was looking good for the victory in this one until he was baulked by a back marker late on handing the win to a very grateful Soper.

Heat five saw Phil Powell 199 and Rab Copland 241 dispute the lead for a number of laps before Powell took up the running. Steve Webster 401 took advantage of Powell’s misfortune as he came to pass Somerset Stan 666 only to get delayed dropping down to fifth as a result. Burgoyne came through to take second from Shaun Webster to round off a quite magnificent evening racing.


H1 669, 890, 815, 15, 800, 464, 226, 189, 95, 589
H2 522, 438, 827, 219, 320, 664, 806, 707, 771, 788
H3 467, 600, 88, 371, 940, 251, 731, 830, 612, 509
LC 871, 721, 393, 781, 628
C1 676, 900, 469, 29, 189, 719, 589, 17, 257, 670
C2 667, 239, 315, NI940, 905, 14, 95, 71, 55, 79
FL 667, 940, 890, 905, 719, 522, 219, 189
GN 469, 667, 940, 219, 600, 589, 251, 806, 905, 189

H1 677, 402, 001, 213, 141, 499, 68, 654, 368, 470
H2 654, 161, 499, 24, 511, 120, 269, 2, 241, 441
H3 17, 402, 720, 199, 001, 213, 677, 807, 68, 470
H4 654, 161, 677, 001, 382, 262, 51, 93, 425, 807
H5 401, 68, 402, 7, 199, 241, 720, 607, 511, 93

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Welcome to rolling START! stock car racing on the web.  Best Viewed within a window of c800x600 pixels.

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