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1300 Stock Cars - Superstox - Rookies - Ringwood Raceway - Saturday 5 June 2004

Pictures and reporting by Mark Baulch of Ringwood Raceway

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Welcome to rolling START! stock car racing on the web

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Welcome to rolling START! stock car racing on the web

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Welcome to rolling START! stock car racing on the web

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1300 Stock Cars - Superstox - Rookies - Ringwood Raceway - Saturday 5 June 2004

Race report by Mark Baulch

It was an action packed evening at Ringwood Raceway on 5 June, with an all-contact evening leading to some great entertainment.

The 1300 Stock Cars were competing in the second round of their Western Championship. There may have been only six cars in each race, but we still had some great action with some classic stock car moves along the way. Reigning Western Champion Darren Allaway 441 came to the meeting well and truly on the back foot, having scored only attendance points at the first round due to car trouble. He looked like he may struggle again to begin with, but then forced Championship leader Justin Washer 409 very wide on the last bend of the first heat to take third before going on to win the second. However, in the Final, he tangled with back marker Andy Fryer 116 and his retaliation led not only to Andy’s retirement but loss of all hope of a good score in this race. He had to settle for fifth and last, gaining a total of 27 points during the evening, only enough to place him fifth overall. Jason Barraclough 314 also had an average evening, his best result being second in the Final, resulting in a drop from third to fourth overall for him. In contrast, Mark Newman 762 climbed a place in the overall positions, helped by second in the first heat and victory in the Final. Vernon Head 134 won the first heat and retained second in the table, whilst Justin Washer 409 put in a consistent enough evening to maintain his position as provisional pole sitter for the big Final in September, including finishing third in a breathless last race of the evening.


Heat 1    134, 762, 441, 409, 314, 116
Heat 2    441, 409, 314, 134, 762, 116
Final    762, 314, 409, 134, 441

Likewise, the Superstox were also out to score points in their Western Championship round two. 14 drivers lined up for the first race of this formula. Andy Webb 352 came to the grid as second in the Championship, but was to have a miserable evening, failing to score in either this race or the Final, but managing some consolation in the form of second in heat two. However, he was to find himself in fourth spot overall by the time he went home. On the other hand, Kevin Brown 117 looked quick, scoring third and fifth in the heats before finishing third again in the double points and therefore extremely important final. This was enough to place him third in the table by the end. Pete Webb 280 was like the best of the rest in Formula One at the moment, as he struggled to find form and saw his Championship lead evaporate. He did have a good final though, taking the runners-up place. But the evening belonged to one man just as the scarlet cars own the World stage this year. Double Western Champion Kevin Croxon 36 was taking no prisoners, storming around the track and using plenty of front bumper on any car that was foolish enough to try and impede his progress around the tarmac. Time after time we saw him send an opponent wide and launch himself beyond them. After a poor first round by his standards, we saw him win the first heat, moving from third to second in the Championship. Then he won the second, moving one point ahead of Pete Webb 280 in the process and so into the lead. He then consolidated this position by taking the hat trick, the victory in the Final looking extremely comfortable for him.


Heat 1    36, 145, 117, 98, 280, 823, 152, 318
Heat 2    36, 352, 280, 98, 117, 152, 823, 18
Final    36, 280, 117, 152, 18, 318, 258, 257

The Rookies Over 1800cc appeared in good numbers, although it was decided that there were not quite enough to split them into two for the first heat. 35 cars took to the track for this race, which ran remarkably well considering this large number of vehicles on the oval. David Thomas 1 was the winner. The second heat only consisted of 28 cars, but came to an early and abrupt halt as John Maddock 12 went virtually the whole length of the start straight very quickly in his Starsky and Hutch liveried car. That may not sound like a race stopping incident, but he was on his roof at the time, sparks flying like fireworks night had come early! Matt Kirkham 426 won the restarted race, these points helping to promote him a place in the Championship, ending the evening in third after also finishing runner-up in the Final. Adam Eyles 452 finished third in this race, closing the gap on the Championship leader to just 2 points in the process. John Shiner 808 could only watch his points advantage diminish as he failed to score any on the night. Stuart Dunn 231 drove a very fast race in his BMW to emerge victorious in the Final.


Heat 1    1, 262, 292, 426, 5, 13, 12, 452
Heat 2    426, 301, 262, 13, 19, 452, 231, 5
Final    231, 426, 452, 12, 301, 298, 777

Next Saturday, 12 June, we shall be continuing with the Western Championships, the Ministox and Special Rods competing in their second rounds. The contact entertainment will be provided by the Ringwood Rookies, so do not be surprised to see the pits full of cars and the track full of wrecks, some of them on their wheels! Gates open at 5.00pm for racing at 7.30pm. See you then!

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Welcome to rolling START! stock car racing on the web.  Best Viewed within a window of c800x600 pixels.

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