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Report and pictures by Mike Pollard

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Report and pictures by Mike Pollard

The feature of this meeting was 2 x Stockcar Teams Races:
* The Palmerston North Pumas v the Stratford Stormers in the Standard Stox and
* The Palmerston North Panthers v the Waikato Wanderers from Huntly in the Superstox.

In the Std Stox event it was 5 x cars per team with #8P George Frear #11p Peter Rees #52P Gary Hayes #77P Wayne Norris and #97P Graeme Ward lining up for the Pumas with #32S Paul Walker #45S Daniel Read #51S Jay Knight #78S Shaun Bloeman and #221S Josh Hancock gridding for the Stormers.
On the drop of the green it was Frear leading for the Panthers only to be taken out early on by Jay Knight. This left Peter Rees in the lead for Palmerston being chased by Josh Hancock for Stratford.
Two laps later and the chasing Hancock was rolled by #97P Graeme Ward. The restart saw #52P Gary Hayes dish out some big hits for the Pumas which effectively ended the chances for Stratford who now only had 2 damaged cars against Palmerstons mainly untouched 5! The first 4 finishers were Palmerston cars with the win going to #97P Graeme Ward.

It was the more usual 4 x cars per team in the Superstox with the teams being: #53P Kevin Roberts #66P Tony Whittaker #98P Craig Humphries and #591P Wayne Hemi for the Palmerston North Panthers with #3NZ Geoff James #8H Dave Roigard #18H Bryce Steiner and #28H Glen Drabble being the choice for the Waikato Wanderers.

On the green it was left to Roberts and Roigard to do the running while #591P Wayne Hemi decided to blitz out the Wanderers danger man #3NZ Geoff James from the get go! Early leader Roberts was blocked superbly by #18H Bryce Steiner which now allowed #28H Glen Drabble to take up the lead for the Wanderers. Some heavy hits from the Palmerston Boys left Steiner on the infield and meant Roigard was in a badly damaged car. With most of the race run the red lights came on to clear debris from the track which allowed everyone to take stock of the situation. There were still the 4 x Palmerston cars in good shape up against effectively the 2 x cars of Drabble and Roigard but Drabble was in the lead.

The lights went green and Drabble stayed put allowing his team mate to overtake and protect him from the inevitable block that was about to come! 2 x laps to go and the Palmerston Boys had a bite at Roigard who presumably they thought was the leader and left Drabble to circulate untouched for a surprise but very deserved win for the Waikato Wanderers. I'm sure the Palmerston team manager would have had a few choice words for his team after the race. All x 4 Palmerston cars survived the race finishing in positions 2-5 but that counts for nothing in Teams racing! Congratulations to #28H Glen Drabble and his team on taking the win for the waikato wanderers from huntly.

Superstox results:

Heat 1. All in (Std & Supers)
1.#11p Peter Rees (Std) 2.#71P Justin Cunninghame (Std) 3.#18H Bryce Steiner 4.#54P Bevan Humphrey (Std) 5.#6P Gary Parkes 6.#24P Rob Miers

Teams race:
#28H Glen Drabble Waikato Wanderers beat Palmerston North Panthers

Heat 2
1.#58P Peter Bengston 2.#71P Kim Lace 3.#66P Tony Whittaker 4.#121P 5.#18H Bryce Steiner 6.#98P Craig Humphreys

Feature (all in)
1.#18H Bryce Steiner 2.#121P 3.#53P Kevin Roberts 4.#6P 5.#8H Dave Roigard 6.#26P Paul Perkins (Std)

A great night for the visiting Huntly drivers taking the Superstox team event as well as the Feature win.

*Special note most also be made to events in the Standard Stox Feature race.
The 6 x victorious Puma team members (5 x drivers plus the reserve) started the race in 2 x lines of three abreast at the rear of the grid. When the green light came on they proceeded to drive very slowly in a pack formation causing utter carnage when the lead cars tried to batter a way through resulting in cars beings sent up the wall and others being turned on their roofs ....... welcome to stock car racing Kiwi style!! ..... absolutely brilliant!

Cars racing:
Snr Ministox 23
Std Stox 22
Jnr Ministox 15
Superstox 14
Sidecars 9
Solos 7
Sprint Cars 3

*Contributors note to editor - no Dave no F1 or F2 .. something much better!

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