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Report and pictures by Mike Pollard

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Palmerston - Saturday 13 November 2004

Reporting and pictures by Mike Pollard

The feature of the meeting was the seasons first Teams Race for the Superstox, Palmerston North Panthers v Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes.

The race had it all ...carnage, chaos, confusion and controversy!

In Teams Racing the first car to complete 10 laps wins it for their Team.....and anything goes!!

For the Panthers the line up was, #53P Kevin Roberts #66P Tony Whittaker #84P Shaun Pearson #591P Wayne Hemi. the Hawkeyes gridded #4B Bruce Williams #14B Paul Demanser #21B Nigel Cooper #42B Paul Bouzaid.

The race began unusually with a ROLLING START and Wayne Hemi had a quick getaway for the Panthers while his teammates were doing a good job in blocking the Hawkeyes. 8 laps completed for Hemi when his teammate #84P Shaun Pearson delivered an almighty hit on #21B Nigel Cooper who was sent crashing into the wall. The infield Flag Marshall who was right on the spot to see the condition of Cooper immediately waved the red flag ....... the lights however stayed green ....... half the field stopped racing....... Hemi continued and took the white flag (1 lap to go) ......the marshall continued to wave the red flag...... the lights stayed green ....... 1 lap later and Hemi took the chequered at exactly the same time as the lights went red........ an infield Marshall then started to line the cars up in the position they were in when the red flag was shown (as is the practice in New Zealand)........another infield Marshall then ordered the cars to leave the track...... yes things were bad, but then they got worse! .........inexplicably the chequered flag was given to #84P Shaun Pearson of the Hawkeyes team who led his only mobile team mate #14B Paul Demanser on a lap of honour to a stunned and largely silent crowd. The opinion of the crowd near me was that Hemi must have been disqualified for ignoring the red flag! After a lengthy delay the commentator announced that there had been a lap scoring error and that Hemi had won it for the Panthers! The problem here is that all cars are fitted with transponders and the race positions are known to all officials who need to know in real time! A large section of the crowd was of the opinion that Hemi had indeed initially been disqualified for ignoring the red flag but re-instated when the officials realised that he had obeyed the green lights!

What should have been a great start to teams racing, ended up as a complete fiasco!

Superstox results:
Teams Race: Palmerston North Panthers (#591P Wayne Hemi) beat Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes

Heat 1 (16 cars)
1.#591P Wayne Hemi 2.#14B Paul Demanser 3.#66P Tony Whittaker 4.#121P Bryce Penn 5.#98P Craig Humphries 6.#59B Tony True

Feature (all in (Std + Supers)) 23 cars
1.#121P Bryce Penn 2.#112P Shaun Pearson 3.#59B Tony True 4.#18P Graeme Peter 5.#53P Kevin Roberts 6.#11P Peter Rees (Std)

Grand Slam (all in) 13 cars
1.#591P Wayne Hemi 2.#18P Graeme Peter 3.#112P Shaun Pearson 4.#59B Tony True 5.#14B Paul Demanser 6.#121P Bryce Penn 7.#53P Kevin Roberts (docked 2 places)

Cars racing:
Snr Ministox 24
Std Stox 20
Superstox 17
Boy Racers 15 (now renamed Street Cars)
Jnr Ministox 14
Streetstox 12 (all Hawkes Bay cars)
Sidecars 10
Solos 8

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