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Report and pictures by Mike Pollard

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Palmerston - Saturday 6 November 2004

Reporting and pictures by Mike Pollard

The meeting was the re-running of the Manawatu Ministox Champs rained out the previous week and also doubled as the Firework Meeting.

Not sure if it was the fireworks that attracted a huge crowd or the large fairground that was set up in one of the Arena's carparks! Wandering round the funfair after the meeting took me back to the golden era at the old Belle Vue!! ......ah those were the days! ... now if they only had a Mancunian Bier Kellar on site it would have been perfect!!

Winner of the Manawatu Champs for Ministox was #81P Andrew McKeeman 2nd.#11P Cameron Claridge 3rd.#31P Gavin Lucas

Superstox results are:

Heat 1
1. 121P Bryce Penn 2. 4P Joel Pitcher 3. 58P Peter Bengston 4. 53P Kevin Roberts
5. 4S Bruce Williams 6. 112P Shaun Pearson

Heat 2
1. 4P Joel Pitcher 2. 4S Bruce Williams 3. 121P Bryce Penn 4. 6P Gary Parkes
5. 71P Kim Lace 6. 112P Shaun Pearson

1. 58P Peter Bengston 2. 71P Kim Lace 3. 66P Tony Whittaker 4. 4P Joel Pitcher
5. 591P Wayne Hemi 6. 4S Bruce Williams

Grand Slam All In (Std & Superstox)
1. 71P Kim Lace 2. 58P Peter Bengston 3. 6P Gary Parkes 4. 53P Kevin Roberts      5. 11P Peter Rees (Std) 6. 66P Tony Whittaker

Cars racing:
Ministox 38
Std Stox 23
Boy Racers 20
Superstox 13

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