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30 years ago I had thoughts to produce a Die cast model Stock Car but after making enquiries of English manufactures it was proved to be not an economically viable project at that time, so this became that!!


However over the years, market trends have changed and a chance remark to a toy importer/distributor led actions into contacting a manufacturing source further a field.
I was introduced to a man with direct connections to the factory in China who specialise in die cast products and after a meeting in the midlands with him he agreed to take my ideas to China to discuss with them my requirements.

Having heard nothing for a few weeks I contacted this man to enquire of what actions had been taken by anybody? He supplied me with a contact name in China and I have been in constant touch and dealing direct with this person now.

After much toing and froing of e.mail etc. we finally arrived at an agreed style of model for them to produce for me. Due to the cost of producing the quantities I required, I have had to compromise on a standard basic design for ALL models but was able to get agreement on the 50 differing names/numbers and colours for a run of 2000 pieces of each driver. The car bodies to be in the basic colour of the drivers cars with the chassis also complying to their colour whilst the aerofoil will show the drivers racing grade i.e.:- Gold for World champion, Silver for points Champion, Red for star men, Blue next grade and so on where applicable.

As the year 2004 is the 50th Anniversary of BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing we are also producing a special limited edition run of just 500 pieces in all Gold colour with the inscription on of:-

“50th Anniversary”

These will be given FREE to purchasers of the full set of 50 models on the basis of:-
One free Special Gold coloured model per set for the first 350 sales of full sets by the public.
A further 100 Gold coloured models will be available to any traders buying a minimum of five (5) sets, ( 1 free model per set). Trade details available on request.
The remaining 50 models will be retained by us for special events or presentations.

The basic retail price of the models will be 2.99 each or 149.50 the set. However,
as an extra incentive to purchase one of the FULL sets and get the FREE Gold coloured models, there is a special offer price of 130.00 for the early bird buyers.

Limited to the first 350 ONLY.

These could well prove to be an excellent investment because with only 2000 available and many people buying only their favourites the number of full sets about will be limited even further. Also to own one of the Gold coloured models will be a bonus for they will be worth at least 130 each as I guarantee that I will not sell any spare or left over gold coloured models at less than 130 each ( to safeguard your investment).

The packaging is in Black & White chequered boxes (to depict the winning flag) and each box will have a small message on plus a picture of the model contained inside.

Models will be available via mail order or on sale at some track shops or from our stall at certain tracks.

Order form:
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E.Mail: eacpac68@Aol.com






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